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I've posted my full thesis (24mb PDF) for your perusal. Come and see my presentation Paint-by-Gender at GDC on Saturday, March 13th in the North Hall Room 132 at 9:35am.
March 2010


My proposal to present my thesis at GDC 2010 has been accepted! I'll post more details as I find them out. This is exciting!
December 2009


I've been hired by Insomniac! After some training in Burbank, I'll be a designer at their new North Carolina studio.
January 2009


Fans of the Cartoon Network series Ben 10: Alien Force can eagerly anticipate the next Ben 10 videogame! It's currently in development at Vicious Cycle and set to ship in Fall 08.
May 2008


Vicious Cycle's first original IP Dead Head Fred just shipped for the PSP. After so much hard work, it is really rewarding to see it on store shelves. Here's a link to one of the first reviews: IGN gives Dead Head Fred an 8.3!
Sep. 2007


Flushed Away wins an Annie for Best Animated Video Game of 2006!
Feb. 2007


I have been with Vicious Cycle Software almost a year and a half now. I have shipped two games with them so far: Flushed Away, and Curious George, both of which were a lot of fun to make! Currently I am hard at work on Dead Head Fred for the PSP.
Jan. 2007


After two months of looking for a job, I was offered a position in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I accepted and am now working as a level designer for Vicious Cycle Software on an unannounced project.
Sept. 2005


I am a level designer and recent graduate of the Guildhall at SMU. My passion is designing and constructing interactive and beautiful gameplay environments. I have had eighteen months of experience working in teams to create games at the Guildhall and spent three months as a level design tester at Gearbox software on their recent hit Brothers In Arms: The Road to Hill 30. I am also the level design lead on my team's final project at the Guildhall. I am self-motivating, deadline-oriented, and committed to creating high quality levels. Please visit the rest of my site to see examples of my work. I am currently looking for a job within the industry designing and creating levels. If you are interested in contacting me, I can be reached via email at
June 2005